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The Top Ten Benefits of a Corporate Hackathon

The very term ‘hackathon’ can elicit polar opposite opinions, but when you throw the word ‘corporate’ in front of it, those opinions can become even more so. We’re talking about ‘corporate hackathons’, but specifically, we’re also talking about the BOQ Hackathon, and how it differs from what you might imagine a typical corporate hackathon to […]

Money arguments

Eliminating Money Arguments in Relationships

When was the last time you had a disagreement with your partner about your finances? It may not have been long ago – money is a source of stress for many people, because it’s what we rely on to live the way we want. Money is also a very emotional thing for people. If we […]

Used car

What To Look For When Buying a Used Car

Are you in the market for a used car? If so, it might be time to look at what’s out there. You never know what you might find, and it could be that your dream car turns up for a great price, with low kilometres on the odometer and it’s in mint condition. Or is […]

Second hand Trash and Treasure

One Person’s Trash is Another’s Treasure

Have you ever put much thought into buying items second-hand? It’s a great idea for saving money, and can allow you to buy more of what you love for less. Take clothes, for example. There are so many great vintage and op-shopping spots around Australia, and you’ll find plenty of clothes in excellent condition for […]


My Summer Internship at BOQ

By BOQ Intern Jasmin McGaughey This summer I was lucky enough to participate in a Career Trackers internship with Bank of Queensland (BOQ). The 12 week program consisted of a wide range of activities that proved insightful and challenging at the same time! About me I have a pretty diverse cultural background. My father is […]


Economic Update: The more things change…

19/01/2017 Summary: Today’s jobs numbers highlight that the economy is doing ok, but has the ability to do better; A jobs market growing a touch weaker than the average will not help inflation get back towards 2%; The type of jobs available have changed over the past decade. The jobs numbers always get plenty of […]

Chinese New Year

Let the Chinese New Year Inspire Your Savings

What do Michael Caine, Yoko Ono, Roger Federer and Britney Spears all have in common? They were all born in the year of the rooster. The Chinese New Year kicks off on January 28 in 2017, and this year is once again the year of the rooster. This Chinese zodiac sign and special holiday can […]

Make the most of your annual leave

Make the Most of Your 2017 Annual Leave

Would you like to learn how to turn 17 days of annual leave into 43 days off? We thought you might, and all you have to do is organise your annual leave around public holidays! Thanks to our friends at Mantra Hotels, they’ve identified four great opportunities throughout the year (though you’ll find the New […]

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