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travel money

3 Safe & Easy Ways To Take Money Overseas

By Kaitlin Fennelly.  The flights are booked and you’re already counting down the days until your sipping cocktails on a beach in Hawaii. Whether you’re travelling as a solo traveller or a family on your next holiday, take a moment to do your research and consider the best and safest option for travelling with foreign […]

boq visa gift guide

BOQ Christmas Gift Guide For Visa Customers

The holiday season is here…it’s finally time to whip out your Christmas tree, the tinsel, the lights and the blow-up Santa for the front yard. However, before you head to the shops to battle the Christmas crowds, why not peruse our 5 online Christmas offers for BOQ Visa debit and credit card customers.   General Pants […]

Ballina-OM-Greg Andersen-CTA

Meet BOQ Ballina Owner Manager Greg Andersen

Get to know one of BOQ’s newest Owner Managers, Greg Andersen of the BOQ Ballina branch. I have enjoyed more than 40 years’ experience in the finance industry, including 10 years with the Reserve Bank of Australia before moving from Sydney to the Far North Coast of NSW. I was with the Summerland Credit Union […]

economic update better times

Economic and Financial Market Update: Better Times

17/11/17 Summary: The jobs market is an economic strong point; In time this should lead to higher consumer spending; But the Australian economy has not been strong enough for long enough; Financial markets have largely priced in a patient RBA. ‘If you believe There’s better times ahead There’s better days’ The Black Sorrows The Black […]


How Rentvesting Can Offer Homebuyers The Best Of Both Worlds

By Richard Whitten | Home Loans & Property Expert at In a time of out-of-control property prices in major cities, many homebuyers are turning to “rentvesting” in order to get their property portfolios started. So what is rentvesting (apart from an awkward combination of the words “rent” and “invest”)? It’s really a simple property strategy: […]

change your finances

How To Change Your Finances For The Better

Bessie Hassan | Money expert at We’ve all heard the typical money-saving hacks such as making your own coffee every day, cutting back on travel expenses and turning off your electronics when they’re not in use. But we hear these tips over and over again. What are some of the more outside-of-the-box hacks that […]

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