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small business taxes

Guide to Doing your Small Business Taxes

It’s that time again… With the end of financial year just passed, you may want to consider what you need to discuss with your accountant to make the most of your deductions and be ready for this financial year. Having the right process can make the tax process smoother, and more efficient, saving you a […]


Economic and Financial Market Update: What goes up…

20/07/17 Summary: The AUD has surprised most analysts with its shift higher over recent weeks; A lower $A remains the popular forecast; Changes in interest rates and commodity prices will determine future AUD movements; As always, currency forecasting is at least as much art as science. Movements in the little Aussie battler have again caught […]


Economic and Financial Market Update: Gone Shopping

12/07/17 Summary Consumer spending appears to be picking up; This should be good news for the retail sector; But department stores have been facing long-term strategic challenges “Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping” Bo Derek The economic soft spot over the past year, or so, has been the […]

start a small business

Small Business Owners on How to Start a Small Business

So you’ve found the courage to take the leap to become a small business owner – congratulations. Making the decision to start life as a small business owner is likely to feel exhilarating and down-right terrifying at the same time. Sweaty palms are just the beginning, but those butterflies in your stomach equal your excitement […]

tax time

What Sole Traders and SMEs Need to Know at Tax Time

By Bessie Hassan | Money Expert at The end of financial year (EOFY) represents a time for small businesses to examine their business finances and to ensure that they’re in a position to meet their tax obligations. Whether it’s paying your taxes, seeing what concessions you can claim or learning more about new tax […]

opening a business

Six Tips For Staying Sane And Happy Before Opening A Business

Guest blog by Stephanie Thompson | Registered Psychologist and Medicare Australia Allied Health Professional According to new research released last week, more than one in ten (12%) SME owners across the country have been diagnosed with depression, stress or anxiety as a result of running their own company. Finding’s from BOQ’s Business Balance Report revealed […]

banking on our kids

BOQ’s Banking on our Kids 2017 Appeal

Join us and the ‘Hospital Heroes’ on our mission to help sick Aussie kids. BOQ CEO Jon Sutton launches the 13th annual Banking on our Kids appeal, raising awareness and much needed funds to help sick Aussie kids. Something BOQ has been very passionate about for the last 13 years is our annual Banking on […]

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