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Meet Rebecca – A CareerTrackers Winter Intern at BOQ

CareerTrackers is a national non-profit that creates multi-year, paid internship opportunities within corporate Australia for Indigenous university students. The aim of the program is to convert interns into full-time employees upon the completion of their tertiary study within their interning company. BOQ first partnered with CareerTrackers in 2016 with two interns, since then BOQ has grown […]

buying your first car

What To Consider When Buying Your First Car

Bessie Hassan | Money expert at So you’ve passed your driving test and have those red hot p-plates in your hands. No more asking for lifts from your parents or older friends – now to a new-found independence with your first set of wheels.  Buying your first car is one of the biggest purchases that […]

boq myriad air

BOQ Explores San Francisco & Silicon Valley Before Myriad Air

Recently, a small group from BOQ travelled to San Francisco as part of BOQ’s sponsorship of Myriad Air – an initiative of Myriad Festival, which flew 240 influential technology leaders, entrepreneurial leaders and start-up founders from Silicon Valley to Brisbane for the two-day Myriad Festival. However, before the big Myriad Air flight back to Brisbane, […]

boq working parents

Global Day Of Parents: Get To Know 4 BOQ Working Parents

On June 1 every year, the United Nations observes the Global Day of Parents. This day is one to honour and appreciate parents throughout the world for their selfless commitment to nurturing and protecting children. In honour of the day we interviewed four BOQ working parents from BOQ Village in Brisbane to discuss what it […]

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