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BOQ Diwali 2017

BOQ Celebrates ‘Festival of Lights:’ Diwali 2017

Even though today marks the official start of Diwali celebrations globally, BOQ started early! Employees from the Brisbane head-office gathered a few weeks ago to celebrate the ‘festival of lights,’ the Hindu festival, Diwali. Employees were treated to beautiful and bright decorations, delicious food, gorgeous henna tattoos, and a highly entertaining Bollywood dance – performed […]

senior car insurance

What You Need To Know About Car Insurance For Seniors

By Richard Laycock | Insurance Expert at As you age, the prerequisites and requirements for receiving and maintaining your driver’s licence become stricter. Depending on your driving history and, in some cases, a medical or eyesight test, your car insurance premiums can become fairly expensive the older you get. However, if you know what you’re […]

millennials money mistakes

Money Mistakes Millennials Make

As the end of the year rolls around so does the graduation season and as Millennials all over Australia are preoccupied with exams and graduation their finances often fall by the wayside. Graduating from high school, TAFE, or university can be busy and stressful but despite the stress, graduates should be proactive in getting their […]

winds of change

Economic and Financial Market Update: The Winds of Change

3/10/2017 Summary: As expected, the RBA kept the cash rate at 1.5%; The accompanying Statement was broadly similar as last month; The RBA is becoming more confident the economy is improving, although they believe that inflation may not rise significantly from current levels low for some time; A lower $A and some signs of a […]

credit score

What’s A Credit Score And Why Does It Actually Matter?

By Bessie Hassan | Money Expert at Education around credit scores and how it affects your personal finances isn’t as prevalent as it should be. With schools teaching Aussies little about loans or securing finance, it’s up to you to learn about your credit score and understand how improving it will help you improve your […]


3 Holidays That Are Cheaper Than Buying The New iPhone X

Whether you’re an iPhone user or not, you would’ve probably heard all the hullabaloo about the recent release of the new Apple iPhone – the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. These brand-new, highly anticipated smartphones will include features like a durable glass front and back, wireless charging, retina HD display, 12MP camera, plus much more. […]

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