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5 cute & thrifty DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas

5 cute & thrifty DIY Valentine's gift ideas

Each year as Valentine’s Day approaches, it feels as though the pressure to come up with an appropriate gift which is the right combination of thoughtful, romantic and personal continues to build. Single or attached, it’s unlikely you’ve made it through the last few weeks without seeing roses, chocolate hearts or gigantic fluffy teddy bears at every turn.

The continued evolution of social media sharing has added another layer of competition to the game (try counting the number of flower pictures you see on your Facebook newsfeed come Sunday for a fun and also demoralising game).

So why not skip the cliché flowers and chocolates this year? Surprise your significant other with one of these quirky (and economical) Valentine’s Day gifts to find a truly unique way to say “I love you”!

Plants > flowers

What is ever-growing and lasts forever with the right care and attention (besides your love that is!)? Plants! Not only are succulents and DIY herb boxes pretty trendy right now, they’ll have a uniquely personal touch if you repot them yourself.

Try getting in on the Mason jar craze and making your own herb jars. There’s some good inspiration over on this DIY and Crafts website – or Pinterest is always good for ideas! Herbs like Rosemary and Parsley are hardy and will do well in our Australian summer.



// The modern mixtape

Bring the eternally romantic mixtape into the digital age. Carefully curate a playlist of your favourite or most meaningful songs using online streaming services like Spotify or Groove Shark – and share with your amore. Resist the urge to Google ‘most romantic songs’. Trust us, this one will work best straight from you.


Not much says love like a cup of coffee to kick-start your day. If your partner is a known caffeine fiend, pop into their local coffee shop and ask if you can prepay their usual coffee order for two weeks. Create a cute custom voucher and gift it in a card. Starbucks has also announced that it’s released 3 new Valentine’s Day drinks you can ONLY purchase this week. Brave the crowds to bring back a cup and prove your love!

Second-hand books

Second-hand bookshops are magical places. If the object of your affection is an avid reader, a second hand book is a thoughtful and tangible thrifty gift idea. Head to your nearest store and browse – you’ll be surprised what treasure troves you could uncover. You might even stumble across the holy grail of pre-loved books – an inscription from the previous owner. SWOON.

7:52pm 7/02/16 / May you all find your quixotic counterpart #bookmateriality #bookmaterialitybookshoptravels #books #secondhandbooks #igreads   A photo posted by bookmaterialityproject SYD|AUS (@bookmateriality) on Feb 7, 2016 at 12:52am PST

Crowd-fund your gift

Yes, you read right. One entrepreneurial boyfriend has come up with the idea of starting a Kickstarter fund asking other Melbourne based lads with girlfriends named ‘Prue’ to help crowd fund a Valentine’s Day airplane banner. He may just be our hero.


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