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BOQ Dubbo Owner Manager’s Celebrate 10 years in Business

BOQ Dubbo

BOQ Dubbo Owner Manager’s Helen Beer and Kevin Parker (pictured) will celebrate their 10th year in business this month! We sent Glen Goldspink, BOQ’s Senior Manager of Franchise Development and Engagement out to chat with them about their experiences over the years…

Helen and Kevin are no strangers to Dubbo, Helen arrived in 1989 and Kevin has been part of the regional community all of his life. So, they were happy to share a few insights into their local community and pass along some hard won wisdom on running a successful small business.

1) You’ve seen Dubbo significantly change over the last ten years – what is it about this local community that makes it so special and such a thriving hub?

Dubbo has a population of approx. 42,000 residents and is regarded as the Service Centre of the Orana region. With a population of 150,000-180,000, the region relies on Dubbo to provide many services (medical, education, shopping, tourism) that aren’t available in the smaller towns.

2) What would you like to see happen in Dubbo over the next ten years?

Dubbo is well positioned for further growth, with the decentralisation of a range of government departments and the commencement of a planned Rare Earth Mining project.

3) In your experience, what are the top three challenges faced by someone starting a small business?

Knowing their business and market, patience and not asking enough questions and actively listening to the responses.

4) In your experience, what are the top attributes that you see in successful businesses?

The difference between a good store and the best store is the quality of the manager and staff.

5) What tips would you provide small business owners for smart cash-flow management?

Cash flow to a business is like blood to a human without it you don’t survive. Remember that Capital Expenditure is a long term facility and don’t grow too quickly.

6) In your opinion, what is the greatest asset your small business has?

Our staff are well known, experienced and respected in the local community.

7) What are two of the key tools/resources (books/journals/videos/etc.) that you have found helpful throughout your business journey?

Creating loyal profitable customers by Keith Abraham.

8) Who are the trusted advisors on your bench?

Advisers must be honest and positive. Our most trusted advisors are the former Mayor, a Senior Real Estate Agent and most importantly each other as business partners.

9) What do you believe are the two key benefits of being a part of a franchise model?

Entrepreneurial skills and having a say.

10) What is your favourite business quote?

“The price your customer paid will be long forgotten but the quality of your service will be remembered for ever.”

11) What is the best thing about running your own business?

Running your own business can be stressful, but providing a service to the community is rewarding. Plus, we love meeting all different types of people.

“Congratulations Helen and Kevin on your achievement and I wish you continued success for the future” – Glen Goldspink

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  1. Renee Walls says:

    To our ‘twin’ branch at Dubbo – congratulations to Helen, Kevin and the team. Great milestone guys. Cheers, BOQ North Lakes

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