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Eliminating Money Arguments in Relationships

Money arguments

When was the last time you had a disagreement with your partner about your finances? It may not have been long ago – money is a source of stress for many people, because it’s what we rely on to live the way we want. Money is also a very emotional thing for people. If we don’t have access to enough money for what we enjoy doing, or what we need to pay for, relationships can become tense and arguments will ensue. Money arguments can occur from time to time, but it’s how you resolve them that counts.

With an online bank account, you can keep track of what’s going where, and where you can cut out unnecessary expenses. Of course, you can still treat yourself, but you shouldn’t overspend if it means your partner is going to be unhappy about it; like many relationships, coming to an agreement on a happy compromise can work here. Make sure you’re both getting what you want out of your finances, and select the best everyday bank account on offer at BOQ.

Why do partners argue about money?

As many as 85 per cent of adults with partners admit that money is a significant source of conflict in their relationship, according to the 2015 Relationship Indicator Survey conducted by Relationships Australia. The study also found that arguments about money tended to be more intense and remain unresolved – the smoke never really clears from many of these arguments, which can permanently damage the relationship in the long run.

Nobody wants to experience that sort of hurt from the people we love, so sorting out your finances with an appropriate banking solution is vital. Proper budgeting here can eliminate much of the stress associated with managing joint finances, like when you use BOQ’s Budget Planner. Money helps us to pay for the mortgage or rent, food, drink, socialising, transport, holidays, fun and raising our families. It’s clear to see why it can be a source of stress for many people, but all it takes to keep under control is transparency and trust between you and your partner.


Online bank accounts and clear account statements can help make trust and transparency easy.

Why choose BOQ?

Knowing where your money goes is one of the best ways to avoid arguing about it with your partner, according to The Guardian in an article from October 2016. The best transaction accounts for your needs could be at BOQ, and our friendly teams are on hand to help you choose one that will work for you and your significant other. Why not visit your local BOQ Branch today and speak with our friendly teams to see how we can help you.

Stop those money arguments, and start being transparent! Get in touch with BOQ today for more information about opening a new everyday bank account.

This blog post is for general information purposes only and is not intended as financial or professional advice. It has not been prepared with reference to the financial circumstances of any particular person or business and should not be relied on as such. You should seek your own independent financial, legal and taxation advice before making any decision about any action in relation to the material in this article.


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