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Brands On Top: What Are The Most Popular Brands Of 2017?

popular brands 2017

Some of the most popular brands around the world in 2017 are household names. They’re not just major corporations and pharmaceutical companies that rake in profits and stay out of the spotlight.

It takes more than money to make a company successful, and to make a good name for a particular brand. According to Forbes, Volkswagen was a major loser over 2017, dropping out of the 100 most popular brands around the world on the back of a major diesel emissions scandal. Popular opinion matters.

The top brands in the world

1. Apple

Apple is streets ahead of its competitors, and not just in the technology sector. It has a brand value of more than $184 billion according to Interbrand, which is more than $40 billion greater than Google in second place.

2. Google

Google is consistently one of the most economically successful brands around the world. New features on existing applications such as Google Maps and Google Now as well as an entry into the smartphone market made 2017 a big year of growth for the tech giant.

3. Microsoft

Microsoft, another tech giant, has brand value of just below $80 billion in third place, according to Interbrand.

4. Coca-Cola

This primarily soft drinks corporation is a huge player in terms of global brand recognition. One of the most popular drinks in the world, and owner/manufacturer of many others under different names, it’s no surprise that Coca-Cola has brand value of almost $70 billion.

5. Amazon

Online retail giant Amazon goes from strength to strength every year, and is the fifth-most valuable brand according to Interbrand. In fact, its brand value grew by 29 per cent in 2017, which is second only to Facebook’s growth of 48 per cent.

What are some new arrivals to the top brands around the world?

The above five brands are consistently in the conversation for the most recognisable and financially successful brands in the world, but what are some new arrivals to the list this year?

Media powerhouse Netflix claimed 78th spot of the top 100 list this year with brand value of $5.6 billion. With the rise of the streaming service around the world and branching out into commissioning and producing its own movies and shows, Netflix is becoming a household name. The application is installed on many Smart TVs from factory, and it’s accessible on laptops and mobile devices as well. You can’t get away from the spread of this immensely popular brand.

Another debutant on the list this year is automotive legend Ferrari in 88th place. Ferrari has been a staple in the motoring world for generations, and over time has produced some of the most incredible machines to ever grace our roads. Moving into electric engine technology in both motorsport and passenger cars could be a major reason why Ferrari’s brand value is $4.9 billion. The future of driving and automotion is electric, and the more research and development that focuses on this, the better.

All of these brands are built on solid financial foundations, and continue to grow because they know how to adapt. To ensure your savings is growing at the level you want or to create a sound financial foundation for your family, speak to BOQ today.


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