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New Year’s Eve Ideas The Whole Family Will Enjoy

new year's eve ideas

By Holly Keszegi.

Who says New Year’s Eve is only for adults? New Year’s Eve is a great night to celebrate the upcoming year with your friends, family and children. There are plenty of ways to celebrate and entertain guests of all ages, so here are some fun and creative ideas to ring in the New Year with your loved ones:

New Year’s Eve Picnic

Don’t want to battle the fireworks crowds, but don’t want to stay home either this New Year? Get the kids together, prepare some delicious food, and make your way to the closest lookout to have a night-time picnic with the family and watch the fireworks.

New Year’s Eve Photo Booth

Going out for New Years can be fun, but staying home can be even better. Be ready to capture the memories of the night with your very own photo booth. Hang up a white sheet against a wall, grab costumes, props and balloons, and have a camera and tripod on hand to capture the night’s memories! To make it even more interesting, play a game where guests have to take the most creative photo with the props they have been given.

Board Game Night

If you’re not venturing out into the city for the celebrations, but rather relaxing at home with friends and family, then a board game tournament will keep everyone entertained until the clock strikes 12. New Year’s Eve is a great night to gather friends and family around the table to enjoy some board games, whilst spending some quality time together and reminiscing about memories from the year.

City Celebrations

It’s a become a favourite way to spend New Year’s for many, but if you plan accordingly heading into the city to watch the spectacular New Year’s fireworks display can be done. Whether you get there early and have a picnic, dine at a nearby restaurant, or grab food from the local vendors, it will be a great night for the family filled with lots of colour and excitement.

New Year’s Eve Pool Party

If staying at home is more your style, then invite your friends and their families over for a New Year’s Eve bash that everyone of all ages can enjoy! Gather around the pool and enjoy a fun night filled with swimming, relaxing, yummy food and pool party games such as volleyball and Marco Polo that will keep everyone entertained until midnight.

Mock New York Ball Drop

If you’re having a low-key family night at home, one way to keep the kids entertained is to create a ball-shaped piñata that resembles the ball that drops at midnight in New York City. Everyone can help paint and decorate it throughout the day and then fill it with lollies, chocolate and confetti. At midnight, have your family take turns wearing a blindfold and hitting the piñata with a stick to celebrate ringing in the New Year.

New Year’s Eve can be a fun night for all ages, let us know if you try any of these ideas to celebrate this year!


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