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The 5 Richest (and Poorest) Fictional Characters

Bruce Wayne seems to have unlimited cash at his disposal, often dipping into capital from Wayne Enterprises to fund his new high-tech crime-fighting toys. However, it may surprise you to know that poor old Batman is only the eighth wealthiest person out there in our fictional crime-fighting hero world, according to Forbes.

Every year, Forbes Magazine releases their list of the richest individuals around the world. From Bill Gates to Gina Rinehart, the catalogue shows us mere mortals it is relatively easy to make a billion dollars – in Forbe’s 2017 list there are currently 2,043 people worth more than US$1 billion on the Forbes list.

A few years ago, to accompany the ‘real-world’ line up, Forbes decided to also rank the wealth of famous fictional characters to put real-world estates in perspective. Here are the top five:


  1. Smaug – With a literal mountain full of treasure, Tolkien’s famous fictional dragon is worth an estimated US$62 billion, according to Forbes. However, his estate is primarily earned by dishonest means (marauding is just a nicer word for theft) so a courageous police sting could turn his fortune into ashes.
  2. Flintheart Glimgold – Scrooge McDuck doesn’t have many enemies, but Flintheart Glimgold is one of them. A mining tycoon from South Africa, Glimgold tricked McDuck out of his entire fortune to take the title of world’s richest duck, with a $51.9 billion estate.
  3. Carlisle Cullen – Founding member of the Twilight vampire coven, Carlisle Cullen has spent centuries building an immense fortune. Even worth $36.3 billion, the grounded Cullens insist on maintaining careers.
  4. Jed Clampett – The Beverly Hillbillies rose from nothing to claim a $9.8 billion estate. Clampett Oil has successfully led the family from rags to riches.
  5. Tony Stark – Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist Tony Stark needs ready access to cash to fund his scientific endeavours, as well as building high-tech Ironman suits. Worth $9.3 billion, Stark is the wealthiest superhero in history (well above Batman’s $6.9 billion)

Of course, as a list of fictional extremes, we’ve also put together our own list of five of the poorest fictional characters. However, it’s worth noting that these characters which find themselves in such dire circumstances, always find a way to come out on top – or in the case of Oscar the Grouch, from what we hear he’s exactly where he wants to be! Perhaps these examples will put your own bank account into perspective.


  1. Oliver Twist – While it’s hard to rank people who have nothing, Oliver’s life of torment and hardship earns him a well-deserved spot on fiction’s poorest list.
  2. Katniss Everdeen – Set in a dystopian future, the Hunger Games sees Katniss Everdeen living in squalor before being thrust into the kill-or-be-killed games.
  3. Charlie Bucket – With one bed for an entire family, Charlie Bucket only has enough in the family banking account for one chocolate bar each year.
  4. Aladdin – A street urchin who becomes a prince. At the beginning of the movie, Aladdin is forced to steal to feed himself. Fortunately, his hardship doesn’t stop him from being a good person and, in the end, winning the girl.
  5. Oscar the Grouch – While there isn’t much information available regarding the Grouch’s finances, it’s safe to assume that anyone living in a garbage can probably doesn’t have enough money to pay rent.

Which fictional characters do you think belong on these lists?


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