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Top 5 Viral Moments of 2017

watching viral moments

By Kaitlin Fennelly. 

2017 has been a big year in the world of social media. As social media continues to progress, so does the amount of viral content we see. Viral content trends have made us laugh, cry and sometimes ask ‘why’.

Here’s a round-up of the top 5 viral moments we saw in 2017.  

Unexpected guest in BBC interview

When Professor Robert Kelly was being interviewed live on BBC News, he received a few unexpected guests in the room. As his interview was underway, in waddled his toddler daughter, closely followed by a baby in a walker. Professor Kelly managed to maintain his composure whilst keeping a straight face, despite the chaos. The chaos was shortly saved when his wife leapt into the room, heroically dragging the children out of the room. Maybe next time Professor Kelly will reconsider working from home, or perhaps install a lock.

Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement

In February this year, Beyoncé announced that she was expecting twins in true Beyoncé style. Posting an image on Instagram surrounded by blooms, baring her pregnant stomach. Ranking in as the most liked Instagram photo of 2017, Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement reached over 11.2 million likes. When Beyoncé does a pregnancy announcement, she never fails to make headlines (remember her announcement during the VMA’s when she was expecting her first daughter Blue Ivy).

Fidget Spinners

Originally marketed as a stress reliever and a tool to assist children with ADHD improve their attention span, fidget spinners shortly reached viral success in 2017. Fidget spinners were everywhere on our newsfeeds, from memes to YouTube videos, it was hard to escape fidget spinners in 2017.

viral moments of 2017

Say ice cream

When a video was released of super cute toddler Delta, struggling to pronounce ‘ice cream’, it instantly hit viral success. The video reached 29 million views on Facebook and became a highly discussed topic as the internet attempted to decipher what she was saying. Luckily, ice cream tastes good no matter how you say it.

Beauty and the Beast x Late Night Show

Not only does he host the Late Night Show, James Corden also owns ‘Crosswalk Theatre Company’, bringing theatre shows to the street. James Corden enlisted the cast of the upcoming Disney live-action reboot of the show, taking on the role of Belle himself. This viral video was viewed by almost 10 million people since it was posted in March 2017.

What were your top viral moments of 2017?

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